The Advantage and Disadvantage of Using Magnetic Water Softener

Published: 07th January 2010
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With the range of options and procedures that we have for softening hard water, it can be complicated to make a decision in which techniques will work best. Consequently, the price of the water softener apparatus is one issue to think about as well as its set up installation. The size factor is also important and its softening capacity. Testing the water hardness is as easy as getting a simple water test equipment from a tank supplier or a business establishment that trades water softener schemes. The water hardness is measured in parts per million or PPM, or by milligrams per liter (MG/L).

The magnetic water softeners depend on the utilization of regular magnets. These magnets are escalated opposed to one another and can be located outside or inside a water pipe system. The water flows between these magnets, with the magnetic field, this process could affect the ions of the salt content. A chemical reaction then occurs and this will vary depending on the molecular structure of the hard water minerals.

The reaction in this process has two forms, the process can be Magnetic or electrostatic. Throughout a magnetic procedure, the collision process of magnesium (Mg) or calcium (Ca) ions is accelerating. This happens in a fresh or cool atmosphere, and lessens the increase of balance. In distinction, throughout the electrostatic procedure, an electrical charge forces the ions to keep away to one another. The ions of the material are not capable to bond and will form a new scale. The major functions or purpose of the magnetic water softeners are appropriate in heating and cooling of water systems.

Nowadays, the use of magnetic water softeners is a hot topic for debates and discussions. And magnetic water softening processes cannot generally be purchased through regular retailers. The efficiency asserted by the manufacturers are frequently backed up by subjective or just an unreliable evidence, although there are advance scientific studies been conducted for this problem, the results are still questionable and while it is concluded that magnetism does alter the hard minerals in water, the correct results on the water are still not that clear or indistinct. Their claim is that scale development and formation can be decrease by magnetic treatment in water. On the other hand, the decrease of scale emerges to be minimum, approximately 10 percent only. The advantage of using a magnetic water softener in your home is that it is used with no chemical action.

In preparing for the magnetic water softeners, as an educated customer it is important for you to go with the best strategy. Explore and discover the different kinds and makers of the softeners. You must compare the different prices as well among others.

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